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Always Moving Forward

At the start of 2012 I hoped that my photography would be at the level I’m at now.

If it wasn’t for the incredibly inspiring CreativeLIVE I would not have laughed,

cried and learnt so much on so many levels.

Not just the technical aspects of photography but more

importantly my outlook and the way I now value my time and work.

I want to thank all my lovely clients, friends and family for their support throughout 2012.

Happy New Year everyone.

Let’s hope it’s a magical one.

A little look back…..

Portrait Photographer Cheshire

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 9

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 8

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 21

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 20

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 19

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 18

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 17

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 10

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 16

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 24

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 25

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 27



Portrait Photographer Cheshire 26


Portrait Photographer Cheshire


Portrait Photographer Cheshire 12

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 13

Portrait Photographer Cheshire

Portrait Photographer Cheshire

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 22

Portrait Photographer Cheshire

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 15

Portrait Photographer Cheshire 14

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Relish the charms of the present…..

Introducing the truly magical

Te-Neisha and Lexxie

      Such a delight to photograph, full of shiny, sparkly giggles.

Childhood is such a special time don’t miss the moments.

Treasure……………. Remember………….CAPTURE.

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Swallows and Amazons

That feeling of being totally free.

Charlie ran, jumped, threw, shouted and even talked to a Swan!

Capturing him being so free was not an easy task! Everytime he saw my camera

he covered his face shouting NO! I had to use all my tactics of persuasion and distraction

to capture his sheer happiness at being in such a magical place.

Tatton Park in Cheshire was our location for this shoot with Charlie.

I’d shot Charlie before but not in such a spectacular setting.

It’s such a magnificent place just awaiting treasure hunts and games of Tarzen and Jane.

No I’m Tarzan you’re Jane!

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Shining through.

There are some people who just radiate sunshine.

She is one of the few women I know who radiates from both inside and out.

Yes she’s sexy but also has one of the biggest hearts I know.

Introducing the simply sparkly Debby with a y not an ie 😉 our little inside joke!

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A smile is a girl’s best make-up.

I loved Jo-Ann’s reaction when she saw this portrait.

Her whole face lit up and she shouted, “I’m definately having that one on a canvas!”

Well that certainly ticks all the boxes for me as a photographer.

Be the best you can be. In the words of Annie:

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”

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Precious moments


I wanted to share with you a recent Mother/Daughter shoot I did with Julie & Lydia.

I know it’s a cheesy title for a blog post but take heed because it rings so true.

My Mum died two years ago and when I was sorting through the photographs for her tribute I realised that there were only 2 or 3 photos of us together and loads of her and my sister. My fault entirely as I was always the one taking the photographs.

Devastated I made a pledge to make a conscious effort to get in front of the camera with both my girls. I really encourage Mums to have their portraits taken with their daughters/sons as they are the most critical and often forego including themselves in a portrait.

Time flies, moments are so precious ( I’m fighting back the tears as I’m writing this).

Don’t wait.

Live for now.

Collect memories not things.

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At the start of this shoot Jill was quite tense and nervous.

Getting her relax was quite hard as Jill was worried about the rest of her family.

Worried about what they were wearing, if they were smiling right and showing their teeth! (She works in a dentist)

Most Mum’s think of themselves last, put themselves at the bottom of their list. Like most people Jill hadn’t had any professional photographs taken since her wedding day. You can see it in her eyes on the first photo, her concerns that everyone else is ok.

Later during the shoot I took Jill to one side and had a chat a la Sue Bryce….’chin forward & down, relax your mouth….’ I said stop thinking of everyone else, and even though we were in a public park, try to imagine it’s just me and you. Focus completely on yourself. When she ‘got it’, relaxed and trusted me, can you see the difference?

The connection is what I strive for as a photographer and don’t walk away from the shoot until I’ve got it.

This is what I LOVE.

The connection. Capturing the true Jill, carefree and happy.

Truely beautiful.